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I Know

I know all of your secrets,
I know all of your faults,
I know that you have two left feet,
And that you cannot waltz!

I know the things you're scared of,
I know the things you dream,
I know that you are not as thin,
As photos make you seem!

I know these things about you,
Because you are my best friend,
But don't you worry, I won't tell,
Your secrets I will tend!

by Jennifer Wilson
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After the bouquet is thrown,
Get out of the danger zone,
Women will be going wild,
All of them just so beguiled.

They'll shove and pull and also fight,
They'll keep that bouquet in their sights,
They'll scratch and push with greatest force,
And all while smiling, of course.

All this just to be wed next,
Those who miss are truly vexed,
She who wins is full of glee,
But single men will start to flee!

by Lucilla Moretti
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